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Joe Klein writes on regarding the racism of the right:

My sense of the teabaggers is more complicated: they are primarily working-class, largely rural and elderly white people. They are freaked by the economy.

And. . .

Finally, I should say that the things that scare the teabaggers–the renewed sense of public purpose and government activism, the burgeoning racial diversity, urbanity and cosmopolitanism–are among the things I find most precious and exhilarating about this country. And even though the teabaggers’ pinched , paranoid sensibilities are now being stoked by Boss Rush and the leaders of the Republican party, I take comfort in this: the racists and nativists have always been with us, and they have always lost. They will lose this time, too.

It’s good to know that “teabagger” is now an acceptable term in Time’s usage guide.  But, more important, how do you write a piece on bigotry while using derogatory sexual references to describe those on the right?