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Team Cain’s Mark Block Makes Things Worse for His Boss

So after Herman Cain’s presser yesterday, his campaign manager took to Sean Hannity’s show to unveil his big gotcha — his game-changer — his knife plunged deep inside of the belly of the MSM beast — and announced, scratch that, “confirmed” that Cain accuser Karen Kraushaar has a son, Josh Karushaar, who works at Politico and that’s how the whole story started.

Except . . .

Josh works for Hotline, not for Politico, and he’s not Karen’s son. Josh tweets:

Mark Block must get his facts from Internet comment boards, based on comments to @hannity. Not related to Karen K and don’t work at Politico

First you blame Perry. Then you blame the media. Then you’re done talking about it. Then you hold a press conference and blame Democrats and the media. And now you’re just making stuff up. Time to exit, Mr. Cain.



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