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Terrorists in Michigan?

Via The Corner, two men were arrested in Michigan for supporting terrorism. This, of course, has the AP baffled:

Deputies stopped the two on a traffic violation Tuesday and found the flight documents along with $11,000 cash and 12 phones in their car, Sheriff Larry Mincks said. [..]

Abulhassan and Houssaiky admitted buying about 600 phones in recent months at stores in southeast Ohio, said sheriff’s Maj. John Winstanley. They sold the phones to someone in Dearborn, Winstanley said.

Vessels declined to say how the phones, cash or flight information involved terrorism.

I, also, am baffled as to what cash, phones, and flight information has to do with terrorism. Maybe the AP reporter should have read this story:

Federal agents have launched an investigation into a surge in the purchase of large quantities of disposable cell phones by individuals from the Middle East and Pakistan, ABC News has learned.

Or this one:

“We know terrorists use prepaid cell phones,” said Vince Cannistraro, a 27-year CIA veteran who now runs a security consulting firm in Washington, D.C. “If you want to remain anonymous on the airwaves without the government looking over your shoulder, it’s a great way to do it. You use it once and throw it away.”

The media’s inability (or unwillingness) to connect the dots continues to amaze. Michelle Malkin has more.

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