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Thanksgiving Reader Survey: What’s in a Label?

In her column for the Washington Post today, Ruth Marcus chides President Bush for referring to the party of Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and Al Gore as the “Democrat Party” rather than the “Democratic Party”:

If he wanted to, President Bush could change the tone in Washington with a single syllable: He could just say “ic.” That is, he could stop referring to the opposition as the “Democrat Party” and call the other side, as it prefers, the Democratic Party. […] 
… as a matter of simple politeness — something the Bush family is famously good at — it’s rude to call people by a term that makes them bristle, even a seemingly innocuous one.

But as MB reader Patrick S. pointed out, the mainstream media frequently uses labels that make conservatives bristle — such as using “anti-abortion” to describe people who prefer the term ”pro-life”. In fact:

On Oct. 14, 2006, Marcus quoted a poll from “an anti-abortion group.” Physician, heal thyself!

This gave me an idea for a Thanksgiving reader survey: What labels for conservatives and conservative policies would you be thankful to see the media stop using? Send your suggestions here, and I’ll post the best ones after the break.
Let’s get the ball rolling with “undocumented worker”.

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