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‘That’s Mighty White of You’

Why is this statement from Joan Walsh on Liz Cheney last night on Hardball not racist?

MATTHEWS: Well, Mr. Campbell from California did sort of go through a road to Damascus the other night. He finally got around saying that in fact he believes the president is in fact one of us, an American.

WALSH: He did better, I must say, he did better than Liz Cheney. Now, in response to my blog post, “Politico” got a hold of Liz Cheney and she said today, not last night, in front of a large national audience, but today, “I think he has every right to be president.” You know, mighty white of you, Liz. That’s really good that you think he has the right. I think it’s outrageous, the pandering that’s going on.

And later on, Joan Walsh just starts making stuff up:

WALSH: No, you’re absolutely right. I mean, John McCain was born in Panama. Questions could have been raised, but they really wouldn’t. Democrats wouldn’t do that. You know, and his Republican colleagues, of course, wouldn’t do that.

The truth is that McCain’s birth in Panama was a big issue, so much so that the Senate got involved to declare Senator McCain eligible to be president.  Geez, senators, that’s mighty … well, you know.


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