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Those Wacky Canucks

This story sums up everything that’s wrong with Canada: Government control of free speech combined with affirmative action:

An Edmonton-based adult film producer has won federal government approval for a new pornography channel with an unusual twist: half of the content is to be Canadian.
. . . According to the conditions of the licence, Northern Peaks must devote 50% of its broadcast time to Canadian productions.
A CRTC spokesperson said yesterday that to the best of his knowledge, it is the highest Canadian content level ever for an adult channel. [That’s not hard to believe—FS.]

… “I’ve always found there’s a real turn-on to watching and knowing it’s people you could run into in the grocery store,” [the proprietor] said.

But this won’t be all solemn and formal, like most porn channels:

In addition to hardcore pornography, he says he is big on “making fun of the porn industry,” and that Northern Peaks will feature tongue-in-cheek reality programming that shows the “ridiculous” side of the business.

Fred Schwarz — Fred Schwarz is a deputy managing editor of National Review.

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