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Time: One of Many Michael J. Fox News Channels

Time magazine offered its “Ten Questions” interview to actor Michael J. Fox in the latest issue. The questions selected from readers don’t include any impertinent inquires about his blatantly partisan advocacy for Democrats in 2006, or his almost-religious belief that slaughtering embryos will cure all kinds of diseases, and that only the people who disagree with him are ideologues:

How do you keep your optimism in the face of difficult circumstances?

How has your diagnosis affected your beliefs about life, death or spirituality?

How do you think your advocacy has helped change the public view of stem-cell research?

What do you think is the best argument going forward to support stem-cell research?

Have you ever felt cheated by having Parkinson’s disease?

Have you ever found yourself embarrassed by your disease?

Do you still act, or do you think your time is best spent finding a cure for Parkinson’s?

Do you believe that research will find a cure for Parkinson’s during your lifetime?

A better question: “Will you apologize to the people you’ve demeaned (and helped defeat for office, like Sen. Jim Talent) if embryo-destroying research turns out to be a scientific dead end?”

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