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Too Hot for HuffPo

Rachel Sklar wrote a piece on the leftward tilt of MSNBC, and the HuffPo rejected it because it was not “congruent with HuffPost’s editorial position against the media’s penchant for viewing everything through a left/right prism.”

Makes sense. Arianna Huffington doesn’t see things through a left/right prism, only a wrong/whatever position she happens to be taking at the time prism.
Sklar asks:

… why is it Dan [Abrams] who is out [to make room for Rachel Maddow]? As I pointed out last month, MSNBC actually had plenty of space in its lineup: The 10 p.m. show is a rerun, and weekends after noon are completely devoid of network programming (doc blocks do not count!).

I can answer that.
1. MSNBC is cheap. Reruns and doc blocks cost virtually nothing.
2. Keith Olbermann runs MSNBC, and he wanted a hard-core, reliable left-winger to keep up the drumbeat from 9-10 p.m., at which point his show comes back on.
It really is that simple.
(h/t Hot Air)


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