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Tucker Carlson to Launch Right-Wing Version of the HuffPo

The WSJ has a summary, but one thing that’s missing from the comparison is the fact that half of HuffPo’s traffic comes from non-political verticals:

Media Bistro:

Earlier today we interviewed Arianna Huffington for’s So What Do You Do series. She told us some excellent stuff, and we’ll save most of it for the article, but we found the following fact interesting enough to share right now: “Even though we started as political platform but we now have half our traffic coming from non-political verticals.”

What’s not said as well is the HuffPo has no problem with a European level of nudity on its site, always a traffic generator.

So, if Carlson really is to copy the Huffington Post, he should hire an entertainment writer, a gossip columnist and post content with the always helpful NSFW warning.


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