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Tucker: Nancy Grace is Making Me Ill

Tucker Carlson has used his “Beat the Press” segment twice in a row to go off on Nancy Grace for her borderline pornographic JonBenet Ramsey coverage. He calls Grace a “nostril-flaring, hyperbole-spewing, man-hating, crime-busting shrew,” and calls her coverage of the Ramsey case “titillating, disgusting and frankly immoral,” before asking her tonight to “… stop it” because ”You’re making me ill”:

Tucker’s new show is a vast improvement on his old one, and it’s actually more entertaining and less predictable than most cable news fare. Of course, most cable news fare is about as entertaining and unpredictable as Lou Dobbs (I wonder how he feels about immigration?), so that’s not really high praise. Still, I enjoyed this clip. Watch it here.


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