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Hey MSM: Roland Martin IS available!!!

I gotta get my own daily show, whether TV or radio. NOW! Too much good stuff for me to call out by waiting for a weekly one.

Kinda like how he “called out” conservative blogger Kathleen McKinley yesterday on Twitter? I’m sure Martin won’t say so, but McKinley bested him in my opinion. McKinley’s post about the back-and-forth between the two here. An excerpt:

@KatMcKinley and u can try to label me as a liberal, whatever. I don’t fall into these ridiculous ideological boxes. My views vary.

@KatMcKinley when a really dumb comment was made, your boy Matthew Balan refused to say a word about it. Danced around it furiously.*

@rolandsmartin Who is Matthew Balan. Since he’s “my boy” I should know him.

@rolandsmartin ur getting away from the discussion. Pt being you can’t condemn someone for a stupid remark re: blacks unless u condemn all

@KatMcKinley YOU ARE WRONG. I condemned Reid and Clinton. Don’t sit here and lie on me.

@rolandsmartin You did? I’d love to see it. If so, I apologize’

@rolandsmartin I went to ur blog & saw u on CNN on Reid. You completely defended him. Just as I thought. Link here (scroll to CNN video)  

I can find no reference at all to Pres. Clinton’s remarks saying to Kennedy that Obama would have been getting them coffee a few years ago. If Mr. Martin did condemn Clinton and Reid, I would welcome evidence of it.


*It turns out that Matthew Balan is a news analyst for the Media Research Center and appears on CNN. I guess since I write for NewsBusters and it is run by The Media Research Center, I’m supposed to know everyone there even though I live in Houston. Being that Matthew is bi racial, isn’t is bit insulting for Mr. Martin to call him,“my boy.”

Maybe some more fireworks today? Stay tuned.


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