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Tweet of the Day Fact Check

David Shuster, while taking a break from MJ coverage, tweets:

By the way, for all of you watching on DirectTV and wondering why MSNBC is not in HD, ask mr. Murdoch/newscorps, the owner of DirectTV.

Maybe I’m missing something, but Murdoch sold DirecTV to Liberty Media in 2006.  Via Wiki:

In November 2006, News Corporation announced its intention to transfer its managing interest in The DirecTV Group to John Malone’s Liberty Media; in return it bought back Liberty’s shares in News Corp., giving the Murdoch family tighter control of the latter firm.[7] On February 29, 2008, after receiving FCC approval, Liberty completes its acquisition of News Corporation’s shares of DirecTV. Liberty was required by the FCC to sell its shares in either DirecTV’s Puerto Rican operations or Liberty’s cable provider in the island.


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