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The Two Rick Kleins

There’s Hillary’s Rick Klein (From Hillary’s blog):

ABC News’ Rick Klein – Hillary ‘sounds calm, in charge, deliberate.’ [ABC News, Political Radar, 2/21/08]

And then there’s the other Rick Klein (From ABC’s Political Radar):

9:47 pm ET: They end with a handshake, but it may as well have been a hug. (And how did Chelsea get on stage so fast?)
If all you’re doing as a voter is making a judgment based on this debate, it’s easy to come away supporting Clinton. But that’s not how the election works — the fact is Sen. Clinton was looking for ways to recast the debate tonight, and we didn’t get that. A few new lines on a few old arguments do not result in any changed dynamics, not by my judgment. If you’re an Obama fan, you’re generally pleased with the night.


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