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‘Typhoon Sarah Blows in to Asia’

The world’s most obnoxious journalist meets the world’s most dynamic politician. (Well, at least she is one of them.)
The multi award-winning (in Britain that is) “Chief Middle East Correspondent” for The Independent of London, Robert Fisk, reporting (bizarrely) from Hong Kong, has this to say in today’s paper, in a piece titled “Mangling everything in its path, Typhoon Sarah blows in to Asia”:

Grotesque, unprecedented, bizarre, unbelievable. Sarah Palin was all of that in Hong Kong yesterday. And more. Dressed in a cutesy virgin-white blouse and black skirt with the infamous bee-hive hairdo, she was a blessing to every predicting spectator.
… It was Sarah’s trip to Asia and her first appearance since her resignation as Alaska’s top Mum. In her state capital, she told us, you could see a moose in the middle of the city. It was not a common sight in Hong Kong. Why, in Alaska, where 20,000 square miles of the state was glacial and with only two humans per square mile, “it seems to me that God just chucked this bucketful of resources there”.
… She talked, of course, about the infamous “death panels” – a big smirk here from Sarah – and “market-friendly responsible ideas” (this must have been the speech-writer) and offered slippery advice: “We can responsibly develop our resources without damaging the environment.”
She spoke too fast. She gabbled her words. Scatty was the word for it. We slalomed between the fall of the Berlin Wall, the break-up of Yugoslavia and 9/11. Then it started. The war on “vicious terrorism”, the war against “violent fanatics who wished to end our way of life”, our battle against “radical Islamic extremists” with “twisted vision”. This was not a clash of civilisations but “a war within Islam”. We slalomed again. Asia – “what an amazing place!” – was at its best “when it was not dominated by a single power”.

What on earth was happening? Had Sarah just looked up from her podium and seen China?

So it seems that the reporting on Palin by leftist elitists like Fisk is as condescending and sexist as ever. Plus ca change.

I only wish Barack Obama would realize, as Palin has done, that there is “a war within Islam.”

Tom GrossTom Gross is a former Middle East correspondent for the London Sunday Telegraph and the New York Daily News.


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