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Underreported News: War in Afghanistan

Over in the Web Briefing, there’s a good article in today’s Washington Post on how the new rules of engagement to protect civilians are causing the deaths of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, the Taliban don’t subscribe to the same R.O.E.  Via must-read milblogger Boston Maggie (and follow @BostonMaggie), here’s video of a Talban attack on U.S. soldiers.  Notice how the Afghan child is of no concern to the terrorists (the child was reportedly treated by U.S. medics at the scene and transported for further care.)

Also in the Web Briefing is this Fox News report that General McChrystal wants 30-40,000 more troops for Afghanistan.  What’s not clear in the article is if it’s 30-40,000 total troops or 30-40,000 “shooters” who would then need thousands more soldiers to support their role.  The media fell into this semantic trap during the Bush administration and it’s important to know the real number.


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