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Undocumented vs. Illegal

Some people just can’t make up their mind. Here’s the headline:

Police Say Illegal Immigrant Caused Deadly Crash

And here’s the first paragraph:

Police say the man charged with causing a deadly crash in Montgomery County this week is an undocumented immigrant.

And here’s the second paragraph:

Two construction workers died when a van slammed into one of their trucks along Route 29 on Monday afternoon, just south of the Howard County line. Police say the van was driven by Manuel de Jesus Gonzalez-Geronimo, who is now in custody in Montgomery County. Investigators say he is an illegal immigrant from Guatemala.

Here’s the fourth paragraph:

There have been several fatal crashes involving undocumented workers in Maryland. In May, 20-year-old Matthew Watson of Ellicott City was killed in a hit-and-run crash in College Park. And on Thanksgiving night last year, a crash in Howard County killed Jennifer Bower of Montgomery County, and Marine Cpl. Brian Matthews of Columbia. Police charged illegal immigrants from Mexico in both of those crashes.

And the fifth paragraph:

State Delegate Pat McDonough says he hopes to pass a bill that would tack on additional penalties for crimes committed by illegal immigrants. “If you get five years for an assault and you’re an illegal alien and you’re in this country and you harm an American citizen, it should be an additional five years,” Del. McDonough said.

Might I suggest the new word, “illegumented,” to help end the confusion?


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