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Unrepentant Porkers

The mainstream press doesn’t seem too interested in the Coburn amendments that were defeated today, but the blogs who have pushed the Porkbusters movement have been on the case all day. The Coburn amendments would have repealed the two Alaskan “bridges to nowhere” among other pork-barrel projects in order to offset Hurricane Katrina relief spending. Red State has the vote count and who voted to kill the amendments. Alaska’s Sen. Ted Stevens threatened to resign from the Senate if the amendments passed, to which RSer Mike Krempasky replied, “BONUS!”
Instapundit has links and more, and Andrew Stuttaford comments on the Corner. I have an article about the Alaska congressional delegation, a.k.a. the the Unrepentant Porkers, in the forthcoming print issue of National Review, so don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t already.

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