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Update on the Black Panther Case

Dave Weigel posted yesterday on Sullivan’s Daily Dish blog on how the Right’s fascination with the dropping of the Black Panther case is hypocritical, since the criminal charges were actually dropped during the Bush administration.  Weigel writes:

“In several segments about the case, Glenn Beck has tied the Panthers to Bill Ayers, Charles Ogletree, and Van Jones as the latest “militant group” pulling the strings on Obama policies. A simple issue — whether the Panthers should be prosecuted further for briefly showing off their nightsticks and glowering at voters outside of a mostly-black Philadelphia polling place — has been conflated into a catch-all storyline that really makes no sense.

Nothing to see here as the Black Panther in question only “briefly” brandished his weapon.

Keith Olbermann picked up the story as well and used it as a “gotcha” to rail on Fox News and its coverage of the issue.

Except, as Gabriel Manor points out on Ace of Spades, the controversy has always been over the dropping of the civilian complaint, not the criminal complaint. Read it here.

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