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Van Jones’ Attorney Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Fox News

Huffington Post:

NEW YORK –- After challenging Glenn Beck to a debate over the weekend at Netroots Nation and in a sponsored ad onMonday, Van Jones may have taken his beef with Beck a step further.

Jones, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress who resigned from his job as White House “green jobs” czar following the conservative host’s repeated claims that he was a subversive and a Communist, is considering legal action against Beck-employer Fox News.

Jones’ attorney sent a cease and desist Monday to Dianne Brandi, the network’s executive vice president for legal & business affairs, claiming that “a series of sensational and inflammatory charges” have been made against Jones on Fox News shows. The statements, his attorney Joseph Sandler argues, are “demonstrably, unequivocally and absolutely false.”

Uh, didn’t Jones just challenge Glenn Beck to a debate a few days ago? Here he is discussing the matter with Ed Schultz last night:

Nat Brown is a former deputy web editor of Foreign Affairs and a former deputy managing editor of National Review Online.


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