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Veiled British Reporter Exposes Lax Airport Security

Via Greenslade, a reporter for the UK tabloid The Sun donned a veil and breezed through security at a UK airport without being asked to show her face:

At the airport I held open my passport and the man looked at the picture (no veil in sight and I was lipsticked with hair tied back) and handed it back to me smiling. […]
A female security official patted me. I asked her if I needed to take my veil off but she said it was fine. […]
At first I felt pleased airport officials had been so considerate. They’d obviously had their diversity training. But then I thought: “What if someone had stolen my passport?”
Paris was a different story. After a night in the romantic capital, I returned to the airport. I approached the BMI desk and a very courteous woman told me she would have to check my face against my passport. […]
At the next set of security checks another policewoman asked me to again quickly lift my veil. I did not feel threatened — only vastly reassured.

Bad news, especially in the context of this report about a terror suspect who used a veil to evade arrest in Britain.

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