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Vets for Freedom (and Free Speech)

Now that Senator McCain has picked up the theme of last week’s Vets for Freedom ad — which you can see here — Barack Obama can no longer wave the ad away. So his campaign is calling foul, since the Navy veteran Sen. McCain has ties to senators who are involved in a veterans’ organization. The scandal!
In the new ad, VFF’s Kate Norley points out that Barack Obama hasn’t been to Iraq in two years, and so has no idea that the surge has worked. Norley then asks Obama the zinger question: “And when will you finally decide to meet one-on-one, unconditionally, with General Petraeus?”
Kudos to Vets for Freedom (and their executive director, NRO contributor Pete Hegseth).
I encourage VFF to examine cosely Stanley Kurtz’s article “Inside Obama’s Acorn” on the homepage today. The Obama campaign should be careful about alleging that Sen. McCain epitomizes Washington-politics-as-usual, since it’s becoming increasingly clear that their candidate epitomizes Chicago-politics-as-usual. That’s not a comparison they want to force into the public eye.


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