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Voter-Fraud Arrest in Miami

Dear MSM: Pay attention to what’s going on here in Miami, will ‘ya? NBC 6:

The voter fraud case in Hialeah expanded Friday to include the uncle of former Hialeah mayor Julio Robaina.

Sergio Robaina, 74, turned himself into authorities Friday afternoon. He has been charged with two felony counts of voter fraud and two misdemeanor counts of violating a county ordinance that prohibits having more than two absentee ballots.

He is accused of filling out absentee ballots for a woman and her son.

The investigation originated with the U.S. Postal Service, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said.

“Postal Service finds 160 some odd ballots arrived overnight, they call the Elections Department, the Elections Department calls the police and our prosecutors,” she said.

Robaina is being held on $12,000 bond, according to online Miami-Dade Corrections records. It was not immediately known whether he has an attorney.

Robaina’s arrest follows the arrest last week of Deisy Penton de Cabrera, 56, who is also charged with illegally collecting absentee ballots.

The rest here.

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