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Wa Post’s Eugene Robinon on Rev. Wright

Talk to the hand:

We all have our crosses to bear. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright has become Barack Obama’s.
I’m sorry, but I’ve had it with Wright. I would never try to diminish the service he performed as pastor of his Chicago megachurch, and it’s obvious that he’s a man of great charisma and faith. But this media tour he’s conducting is doing a disservice that goes beyond any impact it might have on Obama’s presidential campaign.
The problem is that Wright insists on being seen as something he’s not: an archetypal representative of the African American church. In fact, he represents one twig of one branch of a very large tree.

Here’s the problem: All of a sudden, it’s acceptable for pundits on the left to throw Wright under the bus, but what did he say yesterday that’s different from what he’s said in the past? The answer is: nothing. Reverend Wright is the same guy today as he was last week when the Left was going crazy over the use of his sermons in ads.
In a way, it’s actually the fault of pundits/columnists like Eugene Robinson, Rachael Maddow and Keith Olbermann that Wright is still anissue. They tried to spin the Wright problem as a distraction rather than face the reality that his ranting would be a factor for voters.

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