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WaPo Hires Weigel to Blog the Tea Party

The Washington Post has hired former Reason contributor David Weigel to cover the right in a new blog.

Be ambivalent. Be very ambivalent:

David Weigel, who’s been covering the right for the Washington Independent, will soon be heading to the Washington Post.
Weigel joins the Post on April 5, and will be launching a blog focused on the conservative movement, tea party activists, and how the GOP’s preparing for November.  
National editor Kevin Merida confirmed the news to POLITICO and said that Weigel will be “a voice on our politics page online and a presence that will add to our robust coverage of the 2010 midterm elections.”
Weigel will primarily write online, but like Chris Cillizza—and other bloggers—could still contribute to the print edition when needed. 

“I’ve been lucky to cover a really amazing, surprising political story in the remaking of the GOP and the rise of the Tea Parties,” Weigel told POLITICO. “I take them seriously; they’re building something brand new, something that defies conventional wisdom. If readers get a deeper understanding of these people, their strategy, and their ideas, then I’m doing my job.”


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