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WaPo/NY Times’s “anti-Semitic” cartoon becomes Hezbollah propaganda

The controversial cartoon by syndicated cartoonist Pat Oliphant that appeared on the New York Times and the Washington Post websites last month, and was also used by other American newspapers, has since been reproduced on neo-Nazi websites worldwide.

Jewish groups and others criticized the March 25 cartoon as “hideously anti-Semitic” and slammed mainstream American papers for running it. Oliphant depicted a woman carrying a baby being pushed off a cliff by a goose-stepping headless figure holding a Star of David with sharp fangs.
The cartoon has also now been reproduced, with the caption “Zionist Nazism,” on the website of the Lebanese terrorist group, Hezbollah. It is the second-from-top cartoon here.

Tom Gross — Tom Gross is a former Middle East correspondent for the London Sunday Telegraph and the New York Daily News.

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