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“That was one bad-ass move by President Obama”

The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart writes about the president’s choice of September 7 for the big ObamaJobs speech:

That was one bad-ass move by President Obama. For weeks, MSNBC has been showing commercials for the first post-Labor Day presidential debate with all of the declared Republican candidates. Sept. 7 at 8 p.m. This afternoon, the White House announced the date and time when Obama would release his long-awaited jobs plan. Sept. 7 at 8 p.m.

But, wait. There’s more. Obama will do it before a joint session of Congress. While the folks onstage at the Reagan Library try to look presidential in the eyes of viewers and voters, Obama’s address in the House chamber communicates clearly, “I AM the president of the United States.” Whether intentional or not — and I agree with The Fix, coincidences don’t happen in presidential politics — it’s a go-big maneuver.

Capehart doubles-down:

Update, 5:20 p.m.: Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) sent a letter to President Obama requesting that he move his jobs speech to Thursday, Sept. 8, at a time of his choosing. His stated concerns about time-consuming security sweeps are not entirely unreasonable, if they are to be believed. But it should not stop Obama from speaking to the nation. As much as I like the idea of the president sending a bipartisan signal by acceding to the wishes of the House speaker, this isn’t the time for compromise.

As we know now, the “bad-ass” move blew up in the president’s face. The speech will now be on Thursday, when it will compete with the start of the NFL season.

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