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Washington-Sketcher Milbank Hits the SCOTUS, Demands a Better Seat

I’ve been in DC all day attending oral arguments in the Texas redistricting case at the U.S. Supreme Court, which is why I haven’t posted anything. Edward Blum and Roger Clegg wrote a good piece about the case for NRO today, and I’ll be filing one for NRO tomorrow.
In the meantime, I have to break a rule about not writing things about other reporters that I personally witness while covering a story. I have never broken that rule, even though I write a blog about the media, because when I’m covering stories where other reporters are present, I don’t want them to be thinking, “Better watch what I say around Spruiell.” Despite what this blog might lead you to believe, I think about 90 percent of reporters are great people, and I don’t want them all to stop talking to me.
But in trying to decide whether to write this post, I finally came to the conclusion that Dana Milbank — because of his willingness to sacrifice accuracy for cleverness — has sort of forfeited the right to be taken seriously as a reporter. Plus, if he, Dana Milbank, had seen one of the Washington figures he regularly lampoons in his “Washington Sketch” column acting the way he, Dana Milbank, did in the Supreme Court press gallery today, I think he probably would have written about it. So here’s my “Washington Sketch” on Dana Milbank. In the future, I hope other reporters I meet on the job realize this is a one-time deal… Read more


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