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“We cannot forgive you this, Senator.”

There’s some discussion today on whether or not the coverage of Hillary’s RFK gaffe was fair or not.  For example, Rich Lowry and John Harris (whose Politico basically broke the story) say no.  Here’s Rich:

I was out of pocket all weekend, but was as shocked as everyone else when a friend told me Hillary had invoked the RFK assassination as a reason to stay in the race. Except it wasn’t true! This was a classic feeding-frenzy smear job. It’s abundantly clear from the context that Hillary was talking about how the Democratic race in 1968 was still going on in June. But there are so many in the press and on the left who hate her—in addition to all her traditional detractors on the right—that any canard about her is considered fair. I’m tempted to ask, Where does Hillary go to get her apology?  

Well, the first place she should go is MSNBC and Keith Olbermann, who blasted Hillary Clinton in a Friday “special comment” on the gaffe from earlier in the day.  The Washington Post has the video up here.  An excerpt:

To say Olbermann’s outrage was palpable is, um, an understatement. “You cannot say this,” Olbermann lectured Clinton at the start of a series of comments that spanned more than ten minutes. He went on to call Clinton’s comments “insensitive” and “heartless”, adding that the comments offered a glimpse into the New York senator’s soul that was “not merely troubling but frightening.” Later he added: “We cannot forgive you this, Senator.”

We’re at the tail end of this entire process, but is it really fair to Hillary Clinton to have Keith Olbermann in the anchor chair to cover the last few Democratic primary contests?


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