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What Dem Senators in Red States are Reading this Morning

It’s no secret that, to pass his gun reforms, Obama needs the votes of Democratic Senators who are from states where gun ownership is not something considered extreme. Let’s take a look at how the local media in these crucial states is covering the president’s proposals. . .

In Montana, Sen. Max Baucus and Jon Tester are reading about how “difficult” it will be:

In South Dakota, Sen. Tim Johnson has John Thune and the debt ceiling as a top story of the day, as well as a proposal for armed guards at schools:

In Alaska, Sen. Mark Begich is reading how federal agents should be arrested if they try to enforce the president’s new proposals:

In Louisiana, Sen. Mary Landrieu has a “split” community to deal with:

New Mexico’s Sen. Tom Udall is reading about “booming” gun sales:

Maybe some good news for the president in Colorado where Sen. Michael Bennet is reading about “optimism” that state Dems will approve of the new measures:

And finally, Sen Harry Reid of Nevada is reading about the Republican governor’s plans for the state, with guns as second-fiddle:

In all, there are 12 or so vulnerable Democrats the Left is worried about and how they’ll vote. Stay tuned.





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