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What’s the Difference Between ‘Tactical Politics’ and a Lie?

Paul Krugman blogs about the new Max Baucus healthcare plan:

But now Max Baucus — Max Baucus! — is leading the charge on a health care plan that, at least at first read, is more like Hillary Clinton’s than Barack Obama’s; that is, it looks like an attempt at full universality. (The word I hear, by the way, is that Obama’s opposition to mandates was tactical politics, not conviction — so he may well be prepared to do the right thing now that the election is won.)

This mandate issue came up in the second debate a few times. Senator Obama said no mandates back then:

But the point is that we have got to give people choice in America and not mandate things on them and give them the ability. Every parent I know would acquire health insurance for their children if they could.

Maybe it was a “tactical lie”?

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