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When Copyright Enforcement Goes Too Far

Prince, the purple singer, demanded YouTube pull this 29 second video of a little kid dancing to, “Let’s Go Crazy.” The kid’s mom, furious, is suing.

From ABC News:

“All of my [YouTube] videos are home videos, so I thought it was some kind of scam,’’ Lenz told ABC News’ Law & Justice Unit. When she realized YouTube had actually taken her video down, she said she was shocked.
“At first it frightened me, because I saw who had filed’’ the takedown notice, she said.
“It was Universal Music Publishing Group, and I was afraid that … they might come after me. … And the more afraid I got, the angrier I got. … I was afraid that the recording industry might come after me the way they’ve come after other people for downloading music or file sharing.
“I thought even though I didn’t do anything wrong that they might want to file some kind of suit against me, take my house, come after me.
“And I didn’t like feeling afraid,’’ she continued. “I didn’t like feeling that I could get in trouble for something as simple as posting a home video for my friends and family to see.”


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