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Where Not to Find NROers in Denver

<a href="″ target=”_blank”>The HuffPo yoga and snack tent:

The online news site is setting up an oasis — appropriately called, the Oasis — where harried delegates and media, old and new, including bloggers inside the so-called Big Tent (credentials required), can chill out with free yoga exercises, massages, facials, healthy snacks and music.
The idea is to promote the “living section” of the Huffington Post as it seeks to expand its audience beyond those who read it for political news and commentary.
The 1,300-square-foot lounge, close to the convention hall and part of the Big Tent complex, will be designed by Shawn Henderson, the design director of eBay. His goal is to create an aura reminiscent of the Delano Hotel in Miami with a nod to the environmental movement in Colorado. Seane Corn, yoga instructor to the stars in Los Angeles (and to adolescent prostitutes) will oversee yoga classes.


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