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Who Is ‘Ellie Light’?

I had a little tweet conversation over the weekend with Ben Smith of Politico on the unknown Obama-astroturfer Ellie Light:

@gpollowitz: @benpolitico question…were you the first ellie light poster? from google search, it seem sit. any idea who it is?

@benpolitco: .@gpollowitz Only Ellie Light clue so far is use of name in ‘08 reader review of Greek diner in Qns,NY. Dirty arugula.

Here’s ”ellielight’s” “reader review” that Ben’s writing about from the New York Times:

I went there a month or so ago and had the smoked salmon salad that comes with arugula, avocado, cherry tomatoes and orange with mayo dressing. I got that and a glass of wine. That time the arugula was not washed properly and I could feel the dirt on my teeth. I said to my self that it was just a one time thing. I have a restaurant and I understand that sometimes things like that might happen especially if someone is training. The second time I went there I got the same thing and it was they way it should.

I have no idea if it’s the same “Ellie Light” that’s been apologizing for the administration, but we do know the Obamatons love their arugula.


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