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Why the GOP Needs to Start Policing Its Own

GOP Rep. Steve Stockman, who is challenging Senator John Cornyn in Texas, was caught altering a picture of President Obama and Charlie Crist to make it look like the president was with Sen. Cornyn, which Team Stockman then added to a ”Cornyn Loves Obamacare” website.

And here’s the original:

To be honest, we’ve seen better doctored-photos from the goofball Iranians and their magic missiles.

This isn’t about how I feel one way or another about Stockman or Cornyn, it’s just a dumb move, especially since there are photos out there of Cornyn and Obama together. For example,

Another example is Chris Christie, who was forced to cancel his inauguration celebration today on Ellis Island because of the snow. His official swearing in, always planned to happen in Trenton, went forward as scheduled.

I’m no high-paid GOP consultant, but I’m pretty sure our side wants austerity from our politicians, not more regal pomp and private parties on Federal property. A Holiday Inn ballroom with an open-bar would’ve done the trick.

The only way the GOP will get better candidates if we hold our own candidates to the same standard we set for the Democrats. The time has come to end the excuse, “but the other side does it, too.” We should want better than that.




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