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Why isn’t this footage being shown in America and Europe?

After news reached Gaza yesterday evening that eight teenagers had been shot dead and many more injured in the library of a Jewish religious school in Jerusalem, thousands of Palestinians took to the streets to celebrate.
Here is the footage of “impoverished” Gazans handing out sweets and candies to passing motorists honking their horns in joy. I strongly suggest you watch it and ask why the footage is not being broadcast on major Western TV networks. (The clip is from Israeli TV news taken from Palestinian TV news.) Might it spoil the sympathy for Palestinians that the BBC, CNN, and others are trying to ram down viewers’ throats all the time?
In mosques throughout Gaza, thousands of residents went to perform the prayers of thanksgiving. There were also similar celebrations on the streets of Tehran last night.

One of the murdered Jewish teenagers: Abraham David Mozes
The blood bath would have been even greater if it wasn’t for the brave actions of an off-duty Israeli soldier who happened to live next door to the school. He is reported to have climbed precariously on to the roof of his house, stood at the very edge, and then shot the terrorist through the head through an open window.

A rescue worker in the library last night.

A young boy looks at the site of the attack this morning.
One of the children who was severely injured in the attack is a 14-year-old who came to Jerusalem from Sderot to escape the Hamas missile attacks on his city.

Tom GrossTom Gross is a former Middle East correspondent for the London Sunday Telegraph and the New York Daily News.


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