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Why Rush Limbaugh is No. 1

Limbaugh’s ratings are highest during his commercials:

The study found that Mr. Limbaugh’s share of radio listeners was greatest during commercials, beating his share during on-air segments by 0.18 percentage point.
Warren Kurtzman, the vice president of Coleman, said that Mr. Limbaugh’s audience tuned in during commercials so as not to miss the beginning of each segment. “His shares at the beginning of each hour are tremendous,” Mr. Kurtzman said.
The study also found that Mr. Limbaugh did worst during minutes in which he was expressing approval, with a 5.43 percent average share of listeners. He had 5.71 percent of listeners when expressing negative opinions and 5.81 percent when he was neutral. “People are tuning in to hear his beefs with the world,” Mr. Kurtzman said.


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