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Will Jay Leno (Classic Car Collector) Let This Attack Stand?

Politico reports:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, viewing Conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman as a threat to win next week’s New York special election, is up with a new ad attacking him as an out-of-touch millionaire.
“Millionaire Doug Hoffman has a waterfront island home — even a classic car collection,” the ad says. “But on our street, it’s lost jobs, foreclosures and record debt. Hoffman supports more of the economic policies that failed us: Tax breaks for the wealthy, which added billions to the deficit. Doug Hoffman: Looking out for himself, not us.”
The DCCC’s decision to go after Hoffman is a sign that the Conservative party candidate is building momentum with just over a week to go until the election. 

Come on, Jay. Put Hoffman on your show so he can defend his, and your, honor.

Robert Costa has more here on NRO’s new “Final Countdown” blog.


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