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Wilson/Plame Documents

Armitage was added as a defendant, and new documents have been filed in the Wilson v. Rove case. Here they are:

First document (23 pages)
Second document (1 page)

We’re looking through them now, and we’ll post an update soon.
UPDATE: The complaints against Armitage start on p. 16 of the first document. Armitage is not listed in the first and second causes of action, which allege the malicious conspiracy to punish Wilson. He is listed, however, the third, fourth and fifth causes of action, which all relate to the invasion of privacy and violation of due process. Nothing about the causes of actions themselves has changed.
I’ll give the Huffington Post’s Lawrence O’Donnell the last word:

I think they’re going to have a lot of trouble keeping this case in court. I think the vice president’s side of the case has a very, very strong case in going for dismissal.

Too bad. It’s been an entertaining farce.
UPDATE II: Tom Maguire has more on Bob Novak’s latest contribution to the controversy.

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