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Without Indian Point, What Will Power Gotham?

The editors of the New York Post ask today:

Looks like Gov. Cuomo didn’t take the hint from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which last spring said that safety at Indian Point in the wake of Japan’s nuclear crisis “is really not a serious concern.”

The governor, in his first-ever online town meeting over the weekend, said he has no doubts replacement power can be found if Indian Point is shut down.

“There is no doubt we need replacement power if we are to close Indian Point,” wrote Cuomo. “There is also no doubt that we can find it.”

From where exactly, Governor?

And when will it be ready? At what cost?

Cuomo wasn’t saying — beyond suggesting that the state build power plants and retrofit old ones.

Ha. Lawyers yet unborn will litigate NIMBY issues arising from those proposals — but Indian Point faces license renewals for its two reactors in 2013 and 2015.

None of that replacement power will be ready anytime close to that.

Or paid for, given that Albany is scraping for every penny these days.

In fact, even with Indian Point in full operation, New York barely has enough juice.

And Indian Point provides 12 percent of the Empire State’s power — 30 percent to New York City and Westchester.

Why not just enforce the Obama policy of comprehensive thermostat-regulation reform? Enjoy your 80 degree offices in the summer, New York City!

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