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WSJ Publisher: Time to Redefine Newspapers

Today, Glenn and Helen had WSJ publisher Gordon Crovitz on their podcast. Crovitz said that people who focus on changes to the Journal’s physical format are missing the more important changes to the Journal’s content:

CROVITZ: Readers have reacted really more to the bigger change in the Journal, which is we’ve said we’ve wanted to tilt even more in the direction of journalism aimed at explaining: What does the news mean? Offering our readers perspective and context and understanding, more than — well beyond — simply what happened the day before. We expect that our readers will be generally aware of what happened the day before, before they get their next morning’s newspaper. And so we have tried to redefine the role of a newspaper to be much more forward-looking, much more designed to help our readers understand what is truly important to them as they start their day.

Meanwhile, the Journal continues to break news on its thriving, subscription-only web edition and offer a free, top-notch online opinion page. This, while the rest of the industry wrings its hands, is why the Journal is poised to survive this period of media transformation better than other papers. Even if its print edition is a little smaller.
Oh, and he also said blogging is a “great journalistic art form.” I didn’t know there was such a thing, but ok.
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