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The Yankees Could Use This Guy [or: Annals of Newsroom Etiquette]

When I joined National Review, one of the first things they told me was: If you want to get in good with your boss, don’t throw a cell phone at his office. Too bad this guy didn’t get the same message:

In the latest turmoil to rock the [New York] Daily News newsroom, Ian Bishop, a top political editor, has been suspended for two weeks after tossing a telephone at another editor’s office, shattering a glass wall. . . .
The incident happened Saturday morning, when Bishop apparently became irate with someone he was speaking with on the phone and tossed the phone in the direction of the office of Stuart Marques, the paper’s managing editor of news.

Marques was not present at the time of the incident.
The source said, “Nobody knows what set him off.”

Wait, you need a reason to throw your cell phone across the office? Those Daily News guys are a bunch of wimps if you ask me. But if anything more was involved than sheer joie de vivre, I’ll bet I know what it was: The editor must have been sore that he didn’t get invited to this year’s Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships.


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