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Yeah, Really Funny, Griffin

More from the incompetent interview between CNN’s Drew Griffin and Gov. Palin today where they’re discussing Joe Biden’s Obama-will-be-tested comment (See The Corner for the part where Griffin or his flunkies takes Byron out of context to bash the governor and NR):

CNN: I guess we have to wrap it up.

Palin: Yes.

CNN: I mean I could go on with you forever.

Palin: So could I, on that one especially.

CNN: [LAUGHS] I mean, did Joe Biden get a pass?

Palin: Drew, you need to ask your colleagues and I guess your bosses or whoever is in charge of all this: Why does Joe Biden get a pass on such a thing? Can you imagine if I would’ve said such a thing? No, I think that, you know, we would be hounded and held accountable: What in the world did you mean by that, VP presidential candidate? Why would you say that, “mark my words, this nation will undergo international crisis if you elect Barack Obama?” If I would’ve said that, you guys would clobber me.

CNN: You’re right. [LAUGHTER] You’re right.

Not [LAUGHING] from where I sit.


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