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Yes, Ellen Asked Hillary

Yes, Greg, Ellen DeGeneres asked Hillary Clinton about “gay marriage” last September, but you can easily notice the difference between the two — as if Ellen knows quite well that Hillary’s formal opposition is quite insincere and calculated not to lose Red states. Their conversation came to a point when Hillary suggested she really favored everything Ellen wanted, semantics aside:

HILLARY: You know, I don’t know. I mean, I had the same position for years, and so I don’t know what somebody could or couldn’t do. But I’ve always believed that marriage should be left to the states. Because that’s where it’s always been. States have determined the age of marriage, the conditions, and over time, we’ve gotten rid of a lot of the discrimination that used to exist in marriage laws, and that’s now happening. People are making decisions – civil unions, marriage. They’re deciding in the states, and I think that’s the appropriate place for this to be.
ELLEN: I think that’s really important. I mean, it’s close to me, all of it’s close to me. I mean all of it really matters. I live in this world just like everybody else but those things matter a great deal to me. So –
HILLARY: Well, you know, Ellen, we need to really open the door for people to define their relationships in a way that we can recognize and acknowledge.
ELLEN: Well, it gets rid of the shame, and it gets rid of behavior that we see happening all the time when people are so ashamed they do things that are – sad.
HILLARY: That’s exactly right.
ELLEN: Really, really sad.
HILLARY: That’s exactly right.
ELLEN: It’s all about shame.

The fascinating part was that the network TV newsers utterly skipped this and focused like dutiful liberal image-managers on the jokey parts of the segment: ”hey, look, Hillary’s not humorless!”

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