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You’d Think NBC Would Have Gotten the Fannie Story First

How small a world is Washington? This small:

In his personal life, [NBC News Chief White House Correspondent David] Gregory also rubs shoulders with newsmakers. At a baby shower for his wife before their son Max, now 3, was born, Michael Chertoff, then an assistant attorney general, disappeared into another room with a Justice Department colleague while Gregory tried to figure out what was going on. It turned out they were finalizing a plea agreement with John Walker Lindh, the American captured while fighting for the Taliban. [His wife Beth] Wilkinson last month became general counsel of Fannie Mae, and the couple now have 8-month-old twins as well.
“She knows everyone in government, and she tells me nothing,” Gregory grumbles.

So the wife of NBC’s top White House guy was, until recently, Fannie Mae’s top lawyer, paid about $3 million a year. Reader MB points out that she was a politically active lawyer, too, making sizable donations to: Obama, Dodd, Kerry, Clark, and Romney.
Old news, but interesting news.


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