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Yuengling Over Shiner?

There’s no reason to begrudge its ill-considered patchouli-dipped politics, but this, on the other hand, should not be allowed to stand:

Then there’s Shiner Bock. For most of its century-long existence, it was only sold within 75 miles of central Texas’ tiny town of Shiner . Then the beloved brewery was purchased by a San Antonio millionaire, who’s made it available in 45 states. But it’s a bock. Not a traditional lager. Shiner Bock arrived in Chicago late last year. So I drank some. It went down like flat cola, and left a smoky, tangy scum on my tongue, which I could still taste the next morning.
So the title of Next Great American Lager has to go to … Yuengling

When it’s time for political endorsements, keep in mind that these freaks prefer Yuengling over Shiner. The writer of this piece, Edward McClellan, has never had a Yuengling. Which should be obvious. But what kind of critic confers the title on a product he’s never sampled? Experience matters.
Shiner and migas is the breakfast of champions. 


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