Troubling Times

Rich, Charlie, David, and Michael discuss the New York Times’s 1619 Project, Israel’s refusal of Omar and Tlaib, and Elizabeth Warren’s campaign.

A Crazy Idea

Dear Weekend Jolter, It’s possible that the great 1952 film, The Snake Pit, for which Olivia de Haviland (still alive and well at 103, albeit in Paris) was one of those ...

NR and Woodstock

I was expecting something snide, but to my surprise, Mr. Ardery wrote of a deep kinship he felt with the people in attendance.

The WhatTheHel L Baltimore

Dear Jolters, The author of this epistle has been through the “Charm City” (talk about contrived) and the “Monumental City” (that’s got some “Star-Spangled Banner” association, so no eyebrow-raising) plenty of ...

Moida da Bum!

Dear Weekend Jolter, All the juice may have been squeezed out of this latest -- as Your Humble Correspondent (YHC) types, anyway -- Trump-centered controversy, and its aftermath. But YHC wanted ...

Inside the August 12 Issue

This week, we focus on the American worker, with terrific pieces by Charlie Cooke, Matthew Continetti, and much much more. Dive in here.