Biden’s Brother Used Former VP’s Cancer Initiative in Business Pitch

Joe Biden speaks with supporters at a community event in Marshalltown, Iowa, July 4, 2019. (Gage Skidmore)

Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s brother used the former vice president’s cancer initiative to drum up investment in his business, Politico reported Thursday.

In November 2018, James Biden told executives at Florida-based company Integrate Oral Care that the Biden Cancer Initiative would promote an oral rinse used by cancer patients and produced by Integrate, according to Michael Frey, the CEO of Diverse Medical Management, a health care firm that is currently suing James Biden.

Frey said that James Biden “said his brother would be very excited about this product.”

David Fuscus, a spokesman for James Biden, denied Frey’s allegations. “These charges stem from a frivolous lawsuit and are pure fantasy,” said Fuscus, continuing, “We are not surprised that such baseless accusations have emerged during the Democratic primaries.”

This is not the first accusation that members of Joe Biden’s family have been accused of using their connections to the former vice president to promote their business interests.

In August 2019 it was reported that both Diverse Medical Management and Azzam Medical Services had sued James Biden, alleging the former vice president’s younger brother had offered to partner with them in a scheme designed to steal the companies’ business models and intellectual property.

According to DMM’s former general counsel Mitchell Cohen, James Biden “stated that he could facilitate contracts between DMM and first responders based on the relationships that his brother had with certain labor unions.”

James Biden denied the accusations at the time.

Joe Biden’s family’s business dealings have come under renewed scrutiny amidst the fallout from the whistle blower scandal currently roiling Washington. The scandal points to possible abuses of power by President Trump, but has also brought attention to Biden’s son Hunter, who had business holdings in Ukraine at the time the former vice president was engaged in U.S. policy toward the country.


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