Broward County School Board Rejects State Money to Arm School Staff

(Joe Skipper/Reuters)

The school board for Florida’s Broward County — the site of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School — voted unanimously against accepting state funding to arm school personnel Tuesday night.

The funding was offered through a package of bills signed into law weeks after the shooting, which included $67 million to arm and train school personnel in districts that wished to participate.

Broward County School Board members voted in favor of asking the state to redirect the funds toward placing more police officers in schools.

The “Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program” — named in honor of the football coach who lost his life protecting students during the shooting — restricts participation to non-teacher school personnel at the behest of Florida governor Rick Scott.

The state’s largest school district, Miami-Dade County, joined Broward in refusing to participate in the program.

A Marjory Stoneman Douglas teacher who offered to carry a firearm during school hours made headlines this week after an intoxicated homeless man found his loaded Glock 9mm in a public bathroom stall and fired a shot before being disarmed.

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