CNN Analyst Labels Nick Sandmann ‘Snot-Nosed, Entitled Kid from Kentucky’

Former Covington Catholic High School Student Nicholas Sandmann speaks from the Lincoln Memorial to the 2020 Republican National Convention from Washington, D.C., August 25, 2020. 2020 (2020 Republican National Convention/Handout via Reuters)

CNN Political Analyst Joe Lockhart criticized Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School graduate who successfully sued the network for defamation, after the teen addressed the Republican National Convention Tuesday night, calling him a “snot-nosed, entitled kid from Kentucky.”

“I’m watching tonight because it’s important. But I don’t have to watch this snot nose entitled kid from Kentucky,” Lockhart, who served as White House press secretary for the Clinton administration, wrote in a tweet.

Sandmann sued CNN and other major news outlets for defamation after their coverage portrayed him and his classmates as racist aggressors who cornered Nathan Phillips, an elderly Native American man, during a confrontation near the Lincoln Memorial on January 18 of last year.

On Tuesday, the graduate said that the “full war machine of the mainstream media” was unleashed against him in the aftermath of that incident and called for a return to “responsible” reporting.

Viral video of the incident showed Sandmann, who was 16 at the time, and Phillips standing face to face as Phillips loudly beat on a drum inches away from the Kentucky high schooler while Sandmann smirked.

Media reports stated that Sandmann and his classmates, who were attending the annual anti-abortion March for Life and wore “Make America Great Again” caps, initiated the confrontation. Later, longer footage of the incident showed that Phillips approached Sandmann, who stood mostly still during the incident.

“Looking back now, how could I have possibly imagined that the simple act of putting on that red hat would unleash hate from the left and make myself the target of network and cable news networks nationwide,” Sandmann said.

“I look forward to the day the media returns to providing balanced, responsible and accountable news coverage,” he added.

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