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Cory Booker Sends Fundraising Email after Protesting Kavanaugh Hearing

Sen. Cory Booker objects to the start of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing, September 4, 2018. (Jim Bourg/Reuters)

Senator Cory Booker (D., N.J.) launched a passionate plea on Tuesday to delay Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing until Judiciary Committee members can more thoroughly review the Supreme Court nominee’s record.

“Mr. Chairman, I appeal to be recognized on your sense of decency and integrity,” Booker said, interrupting committee chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) early in the hearing.

Democrats were miffed that they did not have time to review 42,000 more pages of documents released late Monday night regarding Kavanaugh’s time as staff secretary in the George W. Bush administration.

“What is the rush, what are we trying to hide by not having the documents out front?” Booker asked. “This committee is a violation of the values that we as a committee have striven for, transparency.”

“You’ve called for documents, you yourself, limited documents,” he told Grassley. “We thought there should be more. We have not received the documents that you have even called for. So sir, based upon your own principles, your own values, I call for at least to have a debate or a vote on these issues and not for us to rush through this process.”

His speech was met with cheers and shouts from those in attendance. Shortly afterwards, Booker’s office blasted out a fundraising email to media and supporters. Kavanaugh has a “long record of handing down decisions that are detrimental to everyday Americans,” Booker said in the message.

“We should all be concerned about what it would mean for our country if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court,” the email went on. “I will be questioning Judge Kavanaugh at length in this week’s Judiciary Committee hearing to shed more light on his views and record.”

Democrats delayed Kavanaugh’s hearing for over an hour, insisting on adjourning it, until Grassley finally proceeded with his opening statement. Several rowdy protesters also contributed to the delays and were removed by police.

WATCH NOW: ‘Democrats Protest as Hearing for Kavanaugh Begins’

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